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Recent Visit to Ford Dealership in Raleigh, NC was a pleasant one. As I got my truck serviced I found a Great restaurant inside the dealership. I also enjoyed seeing this old Ford truck as well the diecast cars at the front lobby.

Ford Dealership in Raleigh, NC
Mustang Charlie Restaurant
Vintage Ford truck
Vintage Ford Truck
Ford Dealer in Raleigh, NC
Diecast car models at Ford dealership
Diecast models at Ford Dealer ship

I like the look of the Ford Mustang. I would buy the convertible White Mustang if I were in the market. I did not like the new look of the Ford Bronco. The lights do not look modern. The body style looks a little weak. I did not see many new trucks. Must be because F-150 is still the best selling truck on the market. Chip shortage might be a problem as well.

Frod Mustang convertible
Frod Mustang in Baby Blue and Orange colors
New Ford Bronco at the dealership
Ford Mustang Cobra at Ford Dealership
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Ford Mustang - Car Dealer in Raleigh, NC


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